photo credit to Jim Barcelona, Instagram @barce

photo credit to Jim Barcelona, Instagram @barce

My name is Bim Paras and I'm lucky enough to call the San Francisco Bay Area  home. I balance my life as a husband, father, software engineer and photographer.

My photographic journey had its beginnings in the black and white, darkroom days in high school but after those early years, it ceased to be part of my daily life. However I started to realize later in my professional career as a software engineer, something was missing in my life. I had an artistic urge that needed to find a creative outlet and I hearkened back to those early high school years for inspiration. So around 2002, I decided to take some classes, buy some gear, and immerse myself in this world of photography.

What I soon realized is that photography was not something I did but rather, an intrinsic part of who I was. It became a visual expression of my life and what I saw around me. As I immersed myself more and more, the history of photography, the great photographers of the past and present, and the community of people I've met have inspired me to where I am today.

It hasn't always been easy - a creative life never is. But what I have learned is that you endure the ride through all its ups and downs and embrace the process. What you see here on my site is a snapshot of my visual journey that is still on going.

So please take a look around and if you want to collaborate, work with me, or just want to say hi, please feel free to  contact me. You can also follow more of my daily postings at   Instagram under my username @kintanar at  Thanks for coming by!

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